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Building Targeted Email Lists & Custom Audience Has Never Been So Easy

Targeting is a key ingredient for successful marketing. Many times, efficient targeting makes the difference between positive to negative ROI regardless of the quality of the ads or the products you are trying to sell.

Today, building Facebook Ads or Promoting products to facebook users via email is *easy* to the point of defining the exact targeting parameters that would delivery your ads to most relevant audience, increase your CTR% and lower your overall costs per sell or action.

With SocialTargetingPro, you can easily build targeted email lists and interests lists for cheaper than ever before. A simple and easy-to-use scraper, SocialTargetingPro gathers popular interests and email addresses from Facebook pages, groups, and events (or by any keyword you choose) and exports them into csv files to be used for sending direct emails or to build Targeted Custom Audiences for your Facebook Ads. Forget about spending thousands of dollars trying to target your marketing to the right audience.

With SocialTargetingPro is, social targeting is easier and more affordable than ever!

Forget about spending thousands of dollars for trial and error.

With SocialTargeting Pro, Optimizing your Facebook Marketing is easier and more affordable than ever - Making every impression count!

Powerfull Features

  • Easy Extraction

    Easy Extraction

    Extracting FB email addresses with SocialTargetingPro is as easy as choosing which Page/Group/event (or keyword) you want to target and pressing ‘Go.’

    Extract email addresses from any Page, Group, or Event.

    Extract email addresses by keyword (example: people who like X).

  • Location-Based Filtering

    Location-Based Filtering

    Target customers locally with location-based filtering. Search by page, keyword, and location (for example, members in ‘The Beatles Fan Page’ who are located in Schenectady New York).

  • Fake Account Filtering

    Fake Account Filtering

    Easily Filter out blocked, fake or bot accounts. Fake account filtering is over 90% accurate and prevents you from collecting ‘leads’ that are not associated with real people.

  • Smart Rules

    Smart Rules

    Laser-target your ideal customer with multi-factor smart rules. Your search won’t be limited to just one factor; instead, you will be able to narrow it down to include several different criteria (example: people in group ‘x’ who commented on ‘y’).

  • Advanced Connectivity Settings

    Advanced Connectivity Settings

    SocialTargetingPro supports advanced connectivity settings to guarantee security and anonymity as you build your new custom audience.

    Throttling. Throttle the scraping speed and capping limits so that it fits your internet bandwidth.

    Proxies. Run SocialTargetPro from behind any proxy you choose, keeping your traffic complexly anonymous while you work.


How SocialTargetingPro Will Turbocharge Your Facebook Marketing Efforts

  • Hyper-Targeted Leads

    Hyper-Targeted Leads

    SocialTargetingPro helps you extract members of pages, groups and events that indicate an interest in your offers, dramatically increasing your CTR on any FB ad campaign you run.

  • Multi-Factor Targeting

    Multi-Factor Targeting

    In addition to targeting pages, groups and events, you can also target by geography, keywords and interests. Multi-factor targeting lets you create lists that are almost tailor-made to respond to your offers.

  • Boost Your ROI

    Boost Your ROI

    SocialTargetingPro lets you build a targeted list without paying higher PPC rates to target directly. This saves you huge on the cost of Facebook ads and boosts your Return On Investment (ROI).

  • Block Fake Users

    Block Fake Users

    One of the biggest hurdles in email extraction is fake users (or bots). SocialTargetingPro eliminates the risk of fake leads by identifying and ignoring fake users on the Facebook pages you’re targeting.

  • An Unlimited Source Targeting Data!

    An Unlimited Source Of Targeting Data!

    Facebook is far and away the world’s biggest social media site. SocialTargeting Pro lets you reach out to this huge userbase, You’ll never run out of new potential leads or targeting data.


Three simple pricing plans

  • Basic


  • Perfect for Personal Use

  • 1 License Key (PC)

  • 1 Facebook Account

  • 2 Parallel Jobs

  • 14-Days Money Back

  • 24/7 support

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  • Pro


  • 5 License Key (PCs)

  • 5 Facebook accounts

  • 6 Parallel Jobs

  • Proxy Support

  • 14-Days Money Back

  • 24/7 support

  • Buy Now
  • Ultimate


  • Unlimited usage (PC/VPS/VM)

  • Unlimited Facebook accounts

  • 20 Parallel Jobs

  • Proxy Support

  • 14-Days Money Back

  • 24/7 support

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